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So I just watched the first episode of a hentai series called dropout. In that series people refused to work and stayed as NEETs and weren’t motivated enough. The government then passed a new act which gave them foids that would have sex with them if they were able to have good grades.

If this was implemented irl, this could be a pretty good solution to inceldom. It’s a win win situation. Incels like us will be happy because we have foids provided by the government to have sex with and we would be willing to put more effort in school and get jobs.

But there were a couple issues I had with the way things went. The first issue I had was that they were all fucking in the same room. That’s pretty gay because you will literally be fucking some foid but in front of other guys while they are doing it too. I personally wouldn’t feel very comfortable in that situation and won’t have as good of a time.


Overall, the new act passed by the government was fundementally good but just had some issues which should have been fixed. If those issues I brought up above were fixed then it would be a pretty decent solution or atleast compromise to inceldom. It will end up benefitting both parties. And the thing is that the foids enjoyed it as well so cucks/feminists wouldn’t care either but I am pretty sure it was for the sake of the hentai. Too bad the government is too gay and retarded to figure this out.



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