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If interested, please checkout these 2 Gab groups:

"Resist Jewish Supremacy"

"Jews Against Jewish Supremacy"

( @Generalpoptart )
@VexatiousThinker not surprising we already know they hate us.

( @illegal_Peruvian )
@VexatiousThinker still can not believe that Hitler was right

( @ensitue )
@VexatiousThinker eliminating history like a good lil' Marxist-Globalist

( @Twowheel4ever77 )
@VexatiousThinker If only they knew how this country would turn out, they would've fought for the other side.

( @Turkey4651 )
@VexatiousThinker My reading of history there weren't many negro Germans or negro Japanese.

( @theHarv )
@VexatiousThinker Yeah, white people bleeding and dying for what this country once stood for. Now, they die for propaganda centers ruining our kids.

( @Krieg_Wulf )
@VexatiousThinker Too bad we whites were tricked into fighting our own brother's in Europe TWICE!

( @kh32962 )
As in most great advancements and achievements,
white people led the way…



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