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A trans activist YouTuber with a 930K subscriber base shared my song in a reaction video. In it, I am accused of focussing solely on transwomen, and not transmen. A gauntlet is thrown down: “How about you say the same points, but to me. What makes me not a man?”
The first and most obvious difference between you and I and the reason you are not a man is that you require synthetic drugs to sustain the simulation that you are a man. Your voice, that facial hair, none of it is naturally induced.
I do not need drugs to have a deep voice or facial hair, my body naturally facilitates it. Yours doesn’t. You have no acquaintance with the flood of natural testosterone during puberty, how it affects behaviour, how a male's life is moulded by it.
Unlike you, I never needed to amputate breasts because as a man I never developed them. Your body does not produce the sperm cell and will never do so. Your body developed to produce the egg cell and thus you will remain female no matter what.
The common cult retort here is to suggest that I must think an infertile woman is not a woman, that those who cannot produce a sex cell are therefore no longer male or female. This is thick.
A male dog doesn’t cease being male when its balls are cut off, likewise a female human doesn’t cease being female because she has her ovaries removed.
Your body developed the apparatus to produce the egg cell. You may have had a hysterectomy and an oophorectomy, but you will not replace that with the apparatus needed to produce sperm cells – the cardinal defining characteristic of a man – a characteristic you do not have.
You have a lump of skin affixed to your crotch which was sourced from your arm or thigh. This skin graft is not a penis, it’s a facsimile, a crude construct, a wedge of flesh fastened to your front which ultimately serves to cater only to an aesthetic whim.
It is either limp or requires a gizmo tucked under it that you press to inflate. You think this is a penis? It's a strap-on made of excised flesh. You will thus never experience sexual stimulation as a man, never have an erection, and you will never have sex as a man.



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