Total Imbecile #sexist

Why are there so few of us on r/introvert? Women cant be introverted ffs

I just discovered this sub a few weeks ago and while I can relate to some posts seeing women post is fucking filling me with rage. Women cant be introverted, every woman is a social god because people (especially guys) just throw themselves to help them become sociable, and even if theyre awkward because they are female nobody cares. Women for whatever reason are immune to autism and enjoy attentionwhoring, theyre extroverted as fuck, introverted women are not real, its not a thing, they need attention to live

Now it shouldnt surprise anyone that on this sub most posts from guys are about being incel while your typical post from a female as you would expect goes something like this (legit example):
>How introverted is too introverted?
>I (24/F) have been an introvert all my life.

Next sentence:
>my boyfriend



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