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When I read a gay (transexuals are mutilated gays/lesbians and they must abolish sex changes) bashing case in the news, I wonder what the journalist view reporting this on homosexuality/lesbianism ? I also wonder if the journalist is a homosexual or lesbian and if so, are they setting aside their bias and reporting the news with no problems ? I do not trust news that I get from Daily Kos or the Huffington Post on their coverage of gay bashing cases because they predictably make the homosexual look like an innocent victim no matter what wrong the gay does. Here’s what LA Times journalist Jaclyn Michelle Cosgrove left out. Lawrence Fobes King exposed himself and harassed other boys in the bathroom. When complaints were made about Lawrence Fobes King, the lesbian VP Joy Epstein refused to expel him.

Lawrence Fobes King (Lawrence) harassed Brandon James McInerney (Brandon) by stalking Brandon such as following Brandon wherever Brandon went, even when Brandon asked him to stop following him. An eg. would be Lawrence stalking Brandon as Brandon was playing basketball which witnesses testified to-Brandon did not testify.

We know what was reported. It can easily be that Lawrence Fobes King (Lawrence) committed violence (assault & battery) against Brandon James McInerney (Brandon), which Brandon did not report. can get violent when they don’t get what they want and most stalking does not get reported which Brandon did not report. There could have been incident(s) where Lawrence Fobes King threatened Brandon with a knife or other weapon which Brandon did not report-this would not be surprising. Most abuse goes unreported and it can easily be that Lawrence committed violence against Brandon in addition to stalking. If the school had expelled Lawrence Fobes King when complaints were made, his February 2008 killing would likely not have happened. I think this case was manslaughter.

The way the law’s language is written, it could be interpreted that the police officers could not argue the fact the homosexual was committing indecent exposure while high on drugs as a defense to excess force charges.



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