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This is getting more bizarre as it goes on for me. My own birthdate forms the number 888. My family can be traced back to Switzerland. Before then they can be traced back to the Crusades in the Holy lands. I think that I may even be a direct descendant of Judas of Iscario. I know it is some far out there shit.

I use to be an emperor. My own father was a carpenter. My Relatives all have birthdays on significant dates in the year. Something which use to be an interest of mine is linked to the Pliedissa constellation. Some people attached to that have been killed in accicdents. My friend who told me about the IBM 5100 computer died in a strange way. About the time when I was trying to get in contact with him. I will soon be involved in the world of politics. My ability to write poetry. My manifesting ability by abstaining of sugar intake for 40 days and nights. I am the anti-Christ or I am delusional. I also have other knowledge which I need assistance with. I can't do it on my own. My life is fucking unreal. This must all be a book or a movie. As what I am experiencing is a total mind fuck. Who am I? I can prove the existence of God, Budha, Alah or whatever name the higher power goes by. I have seen a Reptillian and it is the Annunaki as depicted in Sumerian artifacts. It wants us to know it exists. It wants us to unite in a one world government adn religion. It really does. They ae going to be coming back, to be returning soon. Now is all that a real memory or is it a false memory/knowledge implanted during NLP session.



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