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But, I'll get on to my main points. The dinosaurs were killed by nuclear weapons. The main piece of evidence that convinces me is the presence of iridium in the soil layers at the great impact site in the Yucatan Peninsula. As many of you should know, iridium is a left over byproduct from nuclear weapons, as nuclear weapons contain iridium-192. In fact, the impact at the Yucatan would have had approximately the energy of 1 x 108 megatons, i.e. about 2 million times as great as the most powerful thermonuclear bomb ever tested. That's some pretty advanced stuff. Most of this evidence can be found here. But there are also several other places across the internet where you can easily find this information. What I am suggesting is that highly advanced ETs dropped a nuclear weapon from orbit on the Yucatan Penisula (at the impact site of the supposed 'meteorite impact') in an attempt to eliminate the dinosaurs. As we all know, this impact caused the eventual downfall of the land-based dinosaurs. Supposedly a black fog covered the Earth, plant life died, leading many dinosaur herbivores to starve, which caused the meat eaters to die from lack of food as well. It was a vicious cycle, and mainstream science describes it very much so like a nuclear winter caused by fallout from a massive nuclear explosion. Coincidence?

Also, iridium has been found in dinosaur fossils from the same period. Some of the dinosaur fossils were reported to glow when taken from the soil... leading to special equipment being used to carry and assemble these fossils. Why would these fossils become so covered in radioactivity? Could it be because they were all killed off by a nuclear weapon?



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