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10 reasons why atheists are dumb

1. they constantly say gods aren't real like they're angry about it. If you're angry about something not existing you should seek it out, not reject it.

This describes the behaviour of most internet atheist celebrities.

2. you follow evolutionary hypotheses like the faithful, even though the scientifically knowledgable you aspire to be wouldn't do that.

3. if atheism is the absence of belief then you are all stupid by default

4. they think evolution from animals to man happened dispite there being no good evidence for that "fact", then blast theists for not having any evidence for the existence of ONE deity. Fail!

5. they refer to themselves as free-thinkers but won't think freely about God(s)

6. they have never studied Christianity past what they learned in Sunday school

7. they sympathize with other religions as if they were good, but hate Christianity

8/ they hate close-mindedness, yet follow atheist celebrities advice like it's gods will, in everything they do

9. they think since some holy books are bullsh*t therefore all holy books are bullsh*t- that's crazy logic

10. they hate their parents and that's the main reason they stopped believing in religion



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