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Venting [STUDY] Most violence, misogyny, and hostility toward women is done by chads, NOT virgins. Yet virgins and sub5 men are blamed for it all.

Bluepilled cucks think that most men who hate women are virgins who can't get laid and believe that chads/chick magnets respect women. Nope. Very opposite actually. And many cucks think domestic abusers are scrawny nerds who cannot fight other men. Nope. Studies show that masculine men tend to commit domestic violence, not scrawny nerdy men.

Undetected rapists have consistently been shown to more sexually active than other men. Apart from their sexually aggressive behavior, they engage in consensual and coercive sex far more often than is typical for men of their age group. Groth and Hobson, who studied 1,000 offenders over a 16-year period, found the following: 'All of the offenders we have seen were sexually active males involved in consensual relationships at the time of their offense. No one raped because he had no other outlet for his sexual needs."

I also have read that college athletes and frat boys are significantly more likely to perpetrate rape, sexual assault, or sexual coercion. 1 in 3 college rapes is done by a college athlete. Another study showed college athletes in a uni being responsible for 19% of sexual assaults and 35% of domestic assaults despite being only about 3% of the student population. Another study showed that 54% of college athletes reported perpetrating some form of sexual coercion.

I also read studies where it revealed that rapists often lose their virginity at an early age, have their first date at an early age, have a much higher number of sex partners, and have a higher number of dating partners.



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