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[Blackpill] We incels have been forsaken by the Multiverse

Why do foids reject sub-8 males? They are genetically predisposed to act as selection filters and only accept the best genes from Chad, thus reducing entropy. Because of the Universes that support life, there are more of them that have evolutionary processes that are more efficient at reducing entropy, with the majority of them converging on Pareto optimality. We were probabilistically more likely to have been been born in a Universe of brutal, ruthless and ignorant foids, because there are infinitely many more of these ensembles within the whole of the Multiverse.

We could have been born as Chad to be selected by foids. Or we could have been born as a foid and had the easy life. But it gets worse. We could have been born in one of the mirror Universes where the roles of the sexes were reversed, with males being genetically predisposed to filtering out the lower 80% instead of just rejecting the ugliest 20% of foids. But we know we're not in such a Universe because whenever we impose a patriarchical sex-distributionist ideology on society, we're trying to undo millions of years of evolutionary programming with mere social contracts that are easily eroded. And thus, we also missed out our chance to be born during an era when we had such an ideology temporarily in place.

A world that is beneficial to the incel is still within the realm of possibility. A world in which a group of aspiring autistes can awaken and acquire ultimate power is not unfathomable. Knowing this, is it possible to challenge our "Demiurgic" originator, to challenge the false "God" who blindly cast us down into these depths? Is it possible to acquire the cheat codes of this nightmare jump-scare survival horror game? Can we use our autism powers to terraform, or incellaform if you will, our Universe to be more friendly to Incels and to seek the ultimate retribution not only against foids, but "The Eternal Foid"?



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