Various Anons #dunning-kruger #psycho #racist

(Polish Anon)

Slavs are polish rapebabies


r1b are niggers, r1a are aryans. In fact being Slavic means being aryan (Also being Sarmatian, Poles are the biggest Sarmatians), westoids BTFO.

More like... POOland

Anon, we are the same as our brethren in the east. Aryan, white blood is strong. We civilized all of the people we came in contact with. Westoids only know how to destroy not build. As a Pole with noble past, i laugh at you mutt.

(US Anon)
i was not aware that the poles were so grand

if so many russian were raped the poles have done more for the world than any german

(Russian Anon)
Slavs aren't relevant(except russians), all slavic countries achieved nothing serious on world scale (except Russia), slavic impact in science and culture is minimal(except russians).

Being a slav is nothing to be proud about. Useless larping about superiority without any achievements.

And the same slavs constantly trying to cancel russians from slavs, but if russians indeed leave slavdom, then slavs will be literally european niggers. Because Russia is the only slavic country what achieved great status and entered the club of great nations.

tldr without ruskies slavs are nothing.

(UK Anon 1)
Fuck off illiterate Russian. Bulgarian Empire was a deadly threat to the byzantine empire well before you had the idea to call Vikings as rulers as you were too ducking retarded to have an elite yourselves
Bulgars were exactly 30 000 warriors of titanic ancestry and they mixed with vlachs and slavs that migrated there in the 6th century.

(UK Anon 2)
Slavs are not as smart as northwestern europeans on a technical level but they exhibit more natural survivalist traits and their behaviour was coloured by 500 years of living with jews who are both very intelligent and very racially aware. modern day slavic ideology is actually superior to northwestern anglo individualism.



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