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We didn’t resist years of propaganda & social pressure just to get jabbed by proxy. #Pureblood 🩸

spoilerSo- this was a first for me. A patient
declined blood transfusion if the
donor had received a covid

@Dissidentsoaps Yeah, people don't really trust the medical "professionals" anymore. And why should we?

How many videos did we see of pharmacists, nurses, and doctors all going full steam ahead on a vaccine which ZERO of them knew the risks. Not to mention the dancing tik tok nurses lol...idiots

@Dissidentsoaps The Red Cross stated that they don’t separate and label the blood from jabbed and non jabbed. This is how they will get us all. We must eliminate the Red Cross and /or have our own supply’s. I have been stocking up on my own blood, make sure it’s refrigerated, have clean IVs and sterile blood bags. Keep your family and communities safe

@ForTheFutureOf14 @Dissidentsoaps Fuck me sideways, never knew that and that's some insidious kikery.

@Adavantium @Dissidentsoaps

The things they do, us loyal and honorable Aryans would never even believe to be true.
If you decide to follow what I do, don’t take more than a pint at a time, 2-3 weeks apart. Just so you know how to be safe. \o

@Dissidentsoaps i would never want blood from vaccinated even if it was to save my life, the blood is tainted.

@KeferenLeHaine @Dissidentsoaps your life wouldn’t even be saved for very long

@Dissidentsoaps Smart move! Shit blood in place of pureblood! No way Jesus!
We really need to get our own Christian hospitals up and running so we can be assured of getting great medical care from our own people who are not part of the Marxist Death Cult!
It is time for our people to once again take control of our futures and not be at the mercy of Commies and Globalists!

@Dissidentsoaps Why the shock?
Nobody in their right mind wants TAINTED BLOOD!



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