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Critical Race Theorists are lying about Critical Race Theory and I would know, because I've read their goddamn bible, all 500 pages of it and I'm about two-thirds of the way through.

I'll be quoting extensively from this in this segment, these serpents are just going to lie to your face and pretend like their ideology is not what it seems.

I think it's an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how the past informs the future, and, of course, that in turn should allow us to intervene and find the necessary solutions in regards to combating racial disparities.

That's not what CRT is.

Kimberly Crenshaw who wrote the introduction to this says that Critical Theory is, "An attempt by a collection of neo-Marxist intellectuals, former New Left activists, and ex-counter-culturalists in law schools to oppose the classical liberal argument that race is irrelevant to public policy." Crenshaw tells us, "With its explicit embrace of race consciousness, Critical Race Theory aims to re-examine the terms by which race and racism have been negotiated in the american consciousness, and recover and revitalize the radical tradition of race consciousness among African Americans and other People of Color, a tradition that was discarded when integration, assimilation, and the ideal of colorblindness became the official norms of racial enlightenment."

It's race supremacy for non-white people, that's what it is, and so what this leads them to is being pro-segregation, because integration is a form of black genocide. They also want to return to the separate but equal doctrine, only they want the society to be run and segregated by blacks, so it is just an inversion of the entire Democrat policy from like the 20s. That's what it essentially boils down to, it is expressly neo-Marxist in their approach, and they're very clear about this, they're crystal clear about this, so there's nothing to do about racial unfairness and it's not about racial disparities.



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