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(Son of the 1st Revolution)
For all of our intelligence, we are just organisms trying different strategies to propagate our species as far as possible.

He says that Asians are more altruistic than whites, but is it altruism when they are helping out fellow Asians? How many times have we seen Chinese set up funds to feed poor whites in Appalachia? Or, to help out poor whites in Russia or the Ukraine? Yet, whites help out Asians in poor countries.

If anything, whites have a suicidal need to help out people from without their species and this is recipe for genetic suicide.

(Michael Himmler)
China is still a developing country, with GDP per capita equivalent to 10,000 USD in 2019. Japan is the fourth largest donor country in the world. An average Japanese donates more than an average American.

(Son of the 1st Revolution)
I cannot tell the difference between the average Japanese and the average Chinese. The fact that they donate to people who look like themselves, but not to whites, black, hispanics or anyone else makes them just one more selfish group in my eyes. That's not altruism.

(Michael Himmler)
We should praise the Japanese for doing so.

Race is biological. End of discussion. Race is real and those who deny racial reality are deluded fools living in a fantasy world. Every single person on this planet except a sizable percentage of whites is racially aware. Tread at your own peril, because if you think race is not an issue to other peoples, you are just beyond hope.

Race is not biological. Nor is it genetic (although genes can detect blacks). It certainly isn't evolution, the least reason being that evolution does not happen (not my job to educate people 30 years behind the technology curve).



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