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"Racist" is a term that no one is "buying" anymore.

You people have abused that word to such a degree that it is meaningless.

You ought study -- 4racism DOT org

Why is "racism" always ONLY directed at White people. Only White people are ever racist.

Blacks can have a church where only black people worship. I have been to one by the way. My self and a friend visited one way back in the day. We were the only 2 White people in a room of 100 black people. They didn't throw us out; but no one seemed interested in our presence.

To be honest, I do not have anything in common with black people. We are simply "different". We come from different places. So what?

Muhammed Ali said --- "...Blue birds fly with Blue birds ....... etc., etc.." Ali did not find it natural for a black girl to corrupt her genes by having a child with a non-black person. I don't recall anyone calling Ali "racist".

The sooner the Races of men realize that we were not meant to be together, the sooner this WORLD will be at Peace.

God created us separately and we were to remain "separate". But Adamic man disobeyed and now look at the mess this world is in.

I am most likely not speaking to you -- Jennifer. I get the impression you are not of the Adamic tribe of man.

The Holy Spirit will plant this seed of Truth.



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