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[LifeFuel] I made a Landwhale whore cry today. Also please touch this IT so next time ill touch foids instead.

So as you all know from my name. I am poor. AF. So today is my once a month taco day (yes i am so poor i eat fast food once a month). So i went to my typical place (not too fancy and didn't have cameras to record me) cause they make good tacos. Also ps: the tacos aren't really tacos they are like huge fat sandwiches. Anyways so as soon as i enter i saw a hijabless (i know AWALT but if she was hijabi i wouldn't bully her cause i respect her dad for not letting her be a whore) 300pound or so hexagon faced triple chin white whore. And as you all know the only thing that is worse than a foid is a triple sized one. So she ordered 2 tacos 2 burgers french fries and a large milkshake and sat infront of me eating like she was in a desert for years and never had a meal. So then i am like disgusted af and pissed cause she is obviously a spoiled fucking whore. So i kept penetrating her with my eyes. Not breaking eye contact for a single second and laughing at her until she started getting red and feeling uncomfy af and id wipe my mouth even tho i didn't have food on it so id make fun of her. At that point after 10 minutes i started seeing tears forming on her eyes which got me more interested in making her life hell so i stand up and went to the cashier thing paid for my cheap ass tacos then as i was exiting i went next to her, called her a pig spitting on the floor next to her and kicked the table spilling the milkshake on her black pants. And i kept looking at her while exiting and she was crying and sobbing loudly, exactly like you see fat whores crying in movies. And as i was exiting i heard her call for help from the manager or whatever and at that point i was already out. SO I GUESS I NEED TO FIND A NEW PLACE TO EAT. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT.

So this is going to be my hobby from now on. Bullying foids by any means necessary.

Also yes IT. I am a dick. And if you touch this itll be worse next time.Yes i am a dick and my pewsonalityy is awful :soy: But i love it.



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