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Indians aren’t native Americans. The entire idea of having LGBTQ month, black month, Hispanic month, Indian month, women month etc is antithetical to our values and entirely pushed by our civilizational enemies. What’s next? LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 confederate month? God forbid!

There was no America before we arrived, so no. In the same way there was no France before the Franks. Were the Gauls the native Franks? Were the Welsh the native English? We created America.

The use of the term “Native American” to describe Indians arose in the 1970s in order to delegitimize true natives (I.e the descendants of the founding stock) by marxists and liberal academics. Prior to that point, Native American had been used to describe the founding stock.

Yes, we did displace the Indians as was our divine mandate. In a similar way, the ancient Israelites were ordered to displace the pagans from what would be Israel. Are the children of Amalek native Israelites?



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