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Canada is currently undergoing the same orgy of antiwhite fear and loathing as the United States ... Ten churches in Alberta were set on fire on Canada Day, July 1, as part of a national nervous breakdown over “unmarked graves” at disused residential schools for Indian students.


The term “unmarked graves” is suggestive of massacre, but the reality is the children died of natural causes, especially diseases that hadn’t existed in the New World before 1492 so Indians hadn’t evolved defenses against them.


So, what explains the self-hating hysteria ... ?

It’s easy enough to understand why nonwhites like to defame whites. The fundamental crime of the white race, for which there apparently will be no forgiveness, was pulling ahead of the rest of humanity from roughly 1400 onward.

It seems like every movie trailer in recent years ends with the promise that the heroes will “change the world…forever,” but 15th-century Europeans really did. The accomplishments of Europeans in the 1400s were perhaps the greatest turning point in history.

Brunelleschi launched the Italian Renaissance by building Western Europe’s first dome in a thousand years (to aid in which he likely invented perspective). Prince Henry the Navigator began Portugal’s eight-decade-long research and development effort to sail around Africa to the Indies. Gutenberg devised the movable-type printing press. And Columbus discovered America.

These and countless other breakthroughs over the past six centuries allowed Europeans and their overseas descendants to socially construct the most valuable real estate in the world.

This immense wealth increasingly attracts the covetous eyes of the rest of the human race, who are realizing that, crazy as it sounds, they might just be able to shame whites into allowing their wonderful property to be expropriated over the sins of their ancestors.

But why are many whites going along with such a transparent scam? What’s in it for them?



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