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RE: These Are the Countries with the Biggest Immigration Gains and Losses Under Trump

Drop in immigration from China and India. Increase in immigration from Congo, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Not good news. We are stopping commies and curry eaters who ruin the US with their false Gods and pagan culture, but at the same time, we are allowing more murderers, thieves, rapists and pedophiles into our country. Everything needs to stop.

You didn't stop 'commies' and 'curry eaters', they stopped themselves. Anyhow. That's your reasoning to stop them? because they 'ruin the US with their false Gods and pagan culture'?

Yes, and they are incompatible with our western values. Those countries have progressed so much due to western technology.

How are they incompatible with 'western values'? did they stop you from eating 'sacred cow'? There would be no 'western technology' without Indian Math.

Indian math? Is that when you count how many dotheads are in a 711? Or how many rooms in a motel owned by Apu don't stink?

Sounds like good news if immigration from Asia is down considering how huge that area is. Would that be because of the plague?

This is the immigration data of the period between 2016 and 2019. Coronavirus came in 2020. Immigration from China and India is going down because they are developing at a tremendous rate. Whereas Congo, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador have no future in sight.



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