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Reality, the matrix and the Gregorian calendar are in every one’s life on Mother Earth to one degree or an other. There are vary few who live in only one of these categories exclusively it’s usually a combination of two for most people and all three for some. Your world is only as big as the total sum of what you consider real and except as your life this is different for everyone.

Now many will think that reality and the matrix are the same but that is for from the truth. Your reality is what you except of the matrix as being true ,for example do you except climate change or the ideology of the left or the right or neither ,your religious beliefs and here’s a big one do you believe every human on earth has the right to believe in what ever they want without being criticized or condemned for their beliefs. The matrix says no they don t have that right but reality and who believes in the Gregorian calendar do and that sounds like reality and the Gregorian calendar are the same but is only true if you totally reject the matrix.
The white hat Alliance uses the Gregorian calendar the hints were giving many times. I believe those in the White hat Alliance who are from all over Mother Earth and live in the real only real reality are those who have total excepted the cruel world we live in and are dedicated to freedom for all who will not pray on others who will live and let live. I do not participate in the matrix. I have given up or deny anything the matrix has to offer and this path is not for everyone at this time . It is a vary difficult path to follow but in the end all will follow no matter how difficult or painful it it may be it is all in motion . So I will leave you with this we were told that we would have an early Christmas if we as a species have learned patience understanding and acceptance we will have an early Christmas on the Gregorian calendar and if we haven’t then the journey is not quite over. We’re we go one we go all . Truer words never spoken.



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