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As I’ve written before, boys and men will come to the realization and be constantly reminded that women are indeed stupid. It is a fact of life; a fact of reality and no amounts of lies, chicanery and pretending, is going to prevent these moments of clarity from happening.

That moment when a man is in a situation or encounters a woman/ women and it suddenly hits him, like the gurgling, griping onset of diarrhea; and he realizes that women are truly fucking stupid, is inevitable. There is no escaping it.

It happens to ALL men, several times throughout their lives, because the reality is unavoidable. It happens without fail, at the age of toddlers, when the little boy has to deal with little girls his age, and his mom and other female figures in his life reassures him that little girls are special. More special than he is.
Yet, we do live in a gynotopia and the machinations of the gynotopia are ever present to keep us second guessing.

Take for instance, men (white men) have built western civilization. They have achieved a superlative standard of living for all, yet these fucks in the video can’t think of ONE thing men are better at?

It is because of men, we have all this great stuff and have been given a platform to pursue whatever it is we are interested in. This includes the time wasting, inconsequential, monotonous, mind-numbing retarded shit women are into.
The Metroid series’, Samus Aran, is great as a female protagonist, because the female stupidity does not supercede and isn’t shoved in our faces. It is encumbered and held back. Again, femininity is only positive under the auspices of masculinity.

This is the reality that the gynotopia is hellbent on erasing from our psyche. It is why the Feminine dominated and run (by Female standards and values) governements and the media are trying so hard to push ineptitude and incompetence as acceptable. Female stupidity is run amok and treated as a virtue.



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