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Women, especially WHITE WOMEN (even though this is how the brain of every single woman, regardless of race and culture, works), think this way. They are literally retarded and mentally ill. Being a woman is a mental disorder.

This is how their brains operate.

Look, it is a fact of life and of reality — women are fucking dumb, destructive, solipsistic retards that are responsible for the destruction of all societies.

When you let women out in society and partake in public life, this is what you get — destruction, disaster and stupidity!

I’ve been saying this over and over and over in my articles.

I have simplified what the world’s problems are due to — The Feminine — so that even the smallest, youngest and dullest among us can understand.

There is only one constant of human existence aside from death and that is the duality of Male and Female — Masculine and Feminine. One is Order and the other is Chaos. One is explorative while the other prioritizes safety, therefore non-explorative, ergo primitivism.
This is no different to allowing niggers — primitive hunter gatherers — run a western society. It is insanity!

Women are not intelligent, cannot process information and are literally agents of chaos.
Take responsibility for how things are — you are this way, because you are a gynocentric faggot that is in dire need of female validation and you will do anything for it. You are failing and are dying, because you refuse to take women to task, because you think she’s perfect and holy, because you are a pussy-panderer.

You insist on listening to women instead of listening to your fellowman. You shame and criticize other men, in order to gain favor in the eyes of women and in doing so, you destroy your manhood and masculinity. Then you turn around and blame Jews for what other men have been trying to teach your stupid ass about.

You deserve what you get!

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Human beings are generally retarded people. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with people? What the fuck is a “queen”? Can we stop for a moment to comprehend what the entire planet is going on about? Stop and think about how we humans allowed all this bullshit to go on for so long—some very small group of people ruling over us—a large majority.

How are we this fucking retarded? I’m not even going to get into the whole aspect of her being a woman. This applies to kings, too. “It’s tradition. It had always been done.” Yes, the good old appeals to tradition. It has always been done, so that makes it right and makes it acceptable and sensible that people allow this shit.
It is the religious mind (a retard) who pays obeisance to “royalty” and some higher authority and power. You see, the superstition behind all of this is what wroughts the retarded argument Christrannies give when the non-belief in a god or gods is posited or encountered—”where do you get your morality from, then?”. In other words, without a belief in a God, one is totally immoral and has no sense of “morality”. Likewise, the same retarded argument is made when it comes to government, rulers and the state. “Without a government or being under rulership, you won’t have laws. You’ll have chaos.” The religious mind needs a higher power, hence kings, queens and principalities, who in turn take advantage of the feeble nature of human beings.

I’m glad this is cunt is dead. Good riddance. Now, we just need all the others to fucking die, too, so we could be rid of them and not have to deal with them fucking with our lives.

How the fuck did this have dominion over the planet?

Simps, manginas and faggots believed in the make-believe bullshit of authority and enforce it through the threat of violence.

There is no authority. There is only the BELIEF in authority.

The media and other morons would have us believe that a crown holds sacred powers. Somehow these people are gods, yet they die.

Give me a fucking break.

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Many people mistakenly believe Marx to have been an atheist. On the contrary. Marx was a Satanist.

Now, to the rational mind, the first thing that tickles the fervor of the rationalists is the fact that there is no god, neither a Satan and while they are correct, it is important to comprehend what Satanism is — Kabbalist Judaism. The Kabbalist’s “god” is Lucifer/Samael — the angel who sought to transcend the power and supremacy of the epistemological god.

Confused? Well, look: Satanists — Kabbalists — like their “god” Lucifer/Samael, believe that humans are god. This means that they are in control of their lives, destinies and fates and not the god whose divinity and supremacy they mock and blaspheme. It is a rebellion that stems from a belief in a god or gods.

This is similar to atheistic non-belief, yet very significantly different. Whereas the atheist does see himself or herself as in control of their lives, destiny and fate; that there is no extant force which contributes to desired outcomes and preferences in life — the atheist holds that personal responsibility is paramount. However, this is not due to challenging the supremacy nor the divinity of some god. It isn’t rebellion. It is due to the lack of a belief in a god and gods, because such beliefs to the atheist are absurd and lack any evidence and rationality.

Marx was a misanthrope of the worst kind. There are misanthropes like myself, who do not want to, nor care to harm others, but simply isolate ourselves from humanity, because we see humans as rather dumb, shallow and bring nothing but trouble and drama. We just want to be left the fuck alone.
This is what communists are about. Willfully and unknowingly. (((They))) want to destroy everybody! They hate us goyim!

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Way back, I wrote this article explaining the very fact that police brutality (which is very real) isn’t race-based at all. They will fuck your white ass up, too, without hesitation.

I later wrote this article indicating that I was torn when it came to backing the blue.

Today, I no longer subscribe to the COPAGANDA and I see police officers for the violent, ZogBot, idiotic morons that they truly are.
Now, there is a marked difference between ACAB (All Cops are Bastards) and ACAR (All Cops are Racist). The latter is patently false and is a myth conjured up and perpetuated by Jews and the Jewish lamestream media. As iterated earlier, ACAB, because police brutality doesn’t give a shit about your race and they have a license to kill you.
Were we as citizens, allowed to exercise our rights under the constitution; to form or own security firms and private militia, absent the interference of the state, there would be no need for cops. Instead, we are criminalized for adhering to the constitution and are essentially told that only cops have the right to use deadly force, under any circumstances.
Abolishing the police is necessary and I do not mean this in the way BLM does, which is, niggers should be left to commit violent crimes, agress and violate others, without consequences.

Many an idiot will have the nerve to posit the argument that cops are necessary to maintain law and order. Give me a fucking break. The cops are here now and there’s still chaos.

These fucks were ordered to spitefully stand down and allow roving bands of niggers and Antifa members to destroy cities. Just as how they can and were ordered to stand down, these road pirates can and will be ordered to put their knees in your necks, if and when you refuse the death jab.

What causes these cops to act like power-tripping faggots? They usually are low IQ, emotionally unstable, mangina men, with inferiority complexes, who were unpopular in high school.

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Were you to do a simple search on the internet using your favorite search engine, you will see how much the the media is pushing a specific narrative about the high gas prices.

Do not mistake what I’m saying. The Russia, Ukraine Psyop does contribute, but we need not forget the shit we were put through the last two years. The destruction of world economies as a result of the scamdemic lockdowns are to blame for all of this. The USA and other governments around the world — the powers that be — the Communists behind the scamdemic — are merely attempting to cover their tracks.

They are effectually using the Russia Ukraine Psyop as a scapegoat. All this is according to plan, of course. Higher gas prices, to them, means the world needs to find energy alternatives. We all need to go “Green”.

The same Psyop is being pushed with regards to car manufacturing being down, due to a chip shortage.

Problem, reaction, solution. All manufactured to achieve their Communist agenda — The Great Reset.
Who buys 112 gallons of fuel?
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is being seen as perfect opportunity for World Economic Forum to launch its ‘Cyber Pandemic’.

Remember, in July, 2020, [WEF founder] Klaus Schwab warned the world of a devastating and comprehensive cyber-attack that would ruin the financial system (goodbye deposits, pensions, mutual funds, insurance policies), utilities (goodbye water, gas, electricity), transportation (goodbye planes, air traffic control, smart cars, traffic lights, freight ships, trains, etc), education, healthcare, industry, correctional facilities, the internet itself and pretty much everything that most people in developed countries take for granted.

Net Zero!

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The terrorists’ manifesto, be it a fake and an exact replica of Tarrant’s, complains about the The Great Replacement, which is a very real and coordinated effort. Yet, this is only so, because in reality, white men are failing.
Once again, this hearkens back to white women. White men are the only men who sit back and allow white women to take the reigns and subsequently destroy the societies which they built. Most Asian countries, certainly Arabs and )ews, will never allow such a thing. For the most part, they all keep their women in line and if not, they are not as preoccupied with them as white men are with white women. They are not as gynocentric. I am sure, as with most things, exceptions can be found and pointed out, but generally speaking, these men do not pride themselves on being violent, feminized, mangina simps like white men do. A second runner up would be African and Indian men. To put things in perspective, a study shows that the Muslim population grew by 4.4% while that of Hindus declined by 4.3% since Feminism took a hold of India. Arguably, India is extremely gynocentric and the culture is quite matriarchal, contrary to common belief. African men are super pussy-beggars and may rival white men when it comes to the Super-mangina title. Nevertheless, it is white women who affect social change on a very large scale.
White men. Get your shit together. It is for to put these white cunts back where they belong. They need to be taken out of public life. Stop complaining and start shaming these cunts for the stupid whores that they are.

Keep pointing fingers while we get replaced by women and immigrants. Keep brushing off legitimate criticisms and refusing to self reflect. Remember, the )ew could only be successful as much as you allow him to be. He wouldn’t be successful if he didn’t know how to play on your gynocentric retardation—your inability to be objective about the white woman—the destroyer of civilization.

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I’ve warned several men over the past 21 years about women. I have, with an unfiltered perseverance, discussed the true nature of women, at lengths with hundreds of men. Some listened, others think they’ve got it all figured out.

Well, Kamala Harris is set to become the first female president of the USA. That means she is going to be the president of the entire planet — the gynotopia’s goddess head.

This is what the Taliban psyop is all about. To create a legitimate reason for Biden to step down which would then allow the cunt from hell, to usurp the throne.

It is perfect, too, because she’s a woman, which means she’s a total jackass — completely dumb, knows nothing about anything and will use all of our resources towards “fixing the world”. That includes male life, which will become even more expendable and wasted. Especially with what’s going on with cunts in Afghanistan. All of it is pushed by media propaganda and lies, but who cares? Women are “powerful” and the answer to all the world’s ills and will rely on male lives and vitality to create a gynotopic utopia.

You think what we all experienced the past 50 years was bad? Wait until Kamala becomes president. Full-scale Communism in your ass! An all-out assault on boys and men will ramp up. The divorce rates will skyrocket to an unprecedented level, if it hasn’t already. There will be more chaos and debauchery. Faggots, trannies and whores everywhere you go. Retarded children holding prominent positions in society. Inflation on a scale never seen before, because all “refugees” and migrants must be fed and taken care of, like kittens in trees being rescued. Free housing for this one and that one, because it is the “nice” thing to do, regardless of the detrimental impacts such policies will have.

I know for a fact, that when this happens, I will be vindicated, but I take no delight in this. For this will surely be the end of us all.

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The sheep spend their entire lives fearing the wolf, only to be eaten by the shepherd.

Leaf faggot, Justin Trudeau mandates vaccines for everyone who wants to travel by train or plane.

Canadians attempting to escape the impending Communist hammer and sickle that are about to drop and sweep their heads off of their necks, won’t be able to. They are trapped!

Get ready folks. Our turn is next.

Canadians, listen well, for your own good: rope and branches! Like it’s Europe in the middle ages all over again. Start with that faggot, Trudeau.
All you city slickers, still kicking back in NYC and other major metropolitan areas; I told you to leave. If you haven’t yet, I hope you’ve prepared for the worst.

Resistance is futile!

All the time for logical arguments and reason is over! Time for self preservation and that means, by any means necessary!

It’s getting worse by the day. Not just in Canada, but in the USA, as well.

Trudeau is a very evil homosexual who is trying desperately to destroy Canada. He is Klaus Shwab’s agent of anal chaos and holds a very high profile in the World Economic Forum. Again, he wants desperately to destroy Canada. He said himself, that Canada will be the first nation of the new UN.
Look here, fellow netizens; we are going into full-fledged Communism in the west and Canada is on the precipice. Now I know there a certain places around the world that you might say, “Well, look it’s getting better in Sweden and it’s getting better in a lot of different places”. Maybe things are going well, for now and that may be true, but in those places (((they))) might do something major to set them as an example. In places like Sweden, where they lifted all restrictions; prepare for false flag events.

Everything is on the table folks. Nothing is outside the reach of the powers that be. A lot of people are going to die. A lot.

It is time to get violent!

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Will Smith’s Behavior Labeled ‘Toxic Masculinity’?

This I cannot disagree with this. It is toxic masculinity to play “captain save a hoe” and be violent on behalf of some slag that has cuckolded you for decades.

It is very toxic to be in servitude of and obeisant to any woman, especially whores.

It very expected, yet extremely toxic, for any man to resort to violence in the name of “defending her honor”. Of course I am addressing this from the perspective of it not being scripted.


Contrary to what the gynotopia and retarded, gynocentric, simp ass faggots like Will Smith tell you, honor isn’t an attribute that is inveterate to women. It isn’t a characteristic that is the default part of a woman’s makeup. It is a title that is earned, just as how being trustworthy and being worthy of respect are earned. Yet, gynocentric men — men raised and emasculated by women — especially women — believe and would force you and I to believe that having honor is an intrinsic characteristic of women. TSecondly, just because a woman has kids for you, does not mean she is honorable.

Again, the gynotopia has duped men into believing that any woman who has children is some kind of immaculate Madonna figure. This blatant lie is too pervasive a sentiment. Society is destroyed, because of women and because of this lie that sees unearned veneration awarded to these stupid cunts — mothers who have been sanctioned by the state and gynocentric men to do whatever the fuck they want, whenever they want, because of how they “feel”. This includes removing the father from the home and substituting him for Daddy Government and the woman believing that working for some company, or agency is more rewarding than working for her family.
While blacks are indeed prone to hair trigger violence and possess touchy prides, this reaction by Will Smith is very common among all races!

Here is a much needed Red Pill: All races are gynocentric! Men of all races are gynocentric.

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We are now here. This is what I predict will happen:

State appellate courts immediately consider the mandate unconstitutional. The constitutionality of the “vaccine” mandate goes straight to Supreme Court. Because of the federal employee mandate, there is already “precedence”. More importantly, the populace is already conditioned to the reality of people (police, firefighters, etc. etc.) being compelled to get mystery juice upon pain of losing livelihood.

The Supreme Court declares mandate super duper fair and right and good for you, goy! You lose your job unless you submit and obey! You can no longer run to other companies, because every company must now comply.
They have already rebranded America as a born and brown country; whites no longer live, nor exist here.
After the mandate is put into “legal” effect and is enforced on the first day of 2022, we will begin to see more and more police (military) presence in cities and on the streets. This will be done so we are fully acclimated to a police state, then it will be broadened and become ubiquitous.

Food supplies of “anti vaxxers” will be destroyed, gardens will be stomped out by ZOG boots, fear will be seared into the hearts and minds of your children, you will submit (and your children too) or you will suffer and die; you will be made an example of.

Sounds like demoralization? Too blackpilled? Tell that to the people who suffered under the Soviet Union — sent to the Gulag archipelago — Cannibal Island.

Oh, how they burned.

Keep singing with your fingers in your ears.
You were scoffing and naysaying before they locked down the entire world too; before they extended it indefinitely (TWO MORE WEEKS), before they mandated “vax” for military and federal workers, before they forced children.

You talk like a faggot, act like a faggot and you will die like a faggot with a ZOG boot on your throat, but you won’t be so smug at your last.

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People keep saying, “the media is covering up the Maxwell trial.”

That is obviously true, but it also doesn’t even matter.

This whole thing is going to be about how the prostitutes – who are themselves part of a criminal conspiracy – are the victims.

It’s not going to be about a Mossad blackmail ring.

The media is just covering it up, because any crimes committed by Jews are always covered up by the media. Not because anything important is going to happen.

It’s just going to be endless tears about the poor victimized hookers.
The hookers should all be prosecuted as adults – as foreign agents working for an Israeli espionage operation.

But nooooooo!

No, instead you get “these poor hookers.”

These hookers weren’t even beaten up. They were literally the best treated hookers on earth.

What I wouldn’t like is more lecturing about how teenage girls don’t know what penises are. Yet, that appears to be what the unbanned right-wing is exclusively interested in – a bunch of hardcore Marxist feminist gibberish about how teenage hookers don’t know what a penis is or that men want to stuff their penises into their disgusting goo holes.

I’ve had long-running arguments with white knight faggots literally claiming to be “Nazis” who say that the most important duty of the Trve Aryan is to protect the innocence of prostitutes.

Yes, these White Nationalists and wannabe Weirmacht idiots are all feminists!

That is the mindset of 99% of the right-wing. The alleged “hardcore Nazis” agree with Charlie Kirk – we have to save the innocence of hookers.
I’m so sick of this. I’m sick of it. Women are whores, teenage girls are whores. Whores like to feel important, they like to fly around and get attention from men with money, they like gifts, they like money.

Saying the Weinstein hookers are victims is like saying, “teenage boys were victimized when they were given free Honda 4-quads and tricked-out Kawasaki Ninjas in exchange for racking up Steam achievements.”

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So, the Oxford school shooter is white and not a nig nog. Or, so we’re being told.
The reality is, if whites chimp out – they will do it hard. It isn’t a coincidence that both world wars started in Europe.

First off, it could be just another psyop to go after guns. We know for a fact that whites in America own most of the guns in all the world and whites are under attack and in order to finally put them in the ground, their guns need to be taken away.

As I have explained before, the FBI are involved in all of these psyops to fulfill a political agenda, so many of these false flags will occur. With the help of the media, the legislators behind the efforts to ban guns are trying to get what they want — gun seizure

Secondly, this is a case of the young white male’s dilemma. A feminized and marginalized pariah. Young white males are being raised by single mothers — a literal snowflake factory and producer of faggots, murderers, rapists (see prison population), emasculated and feminized men, who are being weeded out by natural selection — the male dominance hierarchy. If they are raised by both parents, it is a matriarchal/gynopic family setting, where the father is a hen pecked, head-nodding male who believes being “a real man” is being obeisant and subservient to women. In other words, the father himself bears the values and point of views of a woman.
So, the young white male has absolutely no one to turn to, but the Jewish lamestream media, internet and social media outlets that are telling him that he and others like him are responsible for all the world’s ills. It is reinforced in him that something is inalienably flawed in him and the same gynocentric values pushed on him by his idiot, gynocentric, tradcon, white knight father, is pushed by these outlets, furthermore reinforcing that he is an undesired, outcast.

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As I’ve written before, boys and men will come to the realization and be constantly reminded that women are indeed stupid. It is a fact of life; a fact of reality and no amounts of lies, chicanery and pretending, is going to prevent these moments of clarity from happening.

That moment when a man is in a situation or encounters a woman/ women and it suddenly hits him, like the gurgling, griping onset of diarrhea; and he realizes that women are truly fucking stupid, is inevitable. There is no escaping it.

It happens to ALL men, several times throughout their lives, because the reality is unavoidable. It happens without fail, at the age of toddlers, when the little boy has to deal with little girls his age, and his mom and other female figures in his life reassures him that little girls are special. More special than he is.
Yet, we do live in a gynotopia and the machinations of the gynotopia are ever present to keep us second guessing.

Take for instance, men (white men) have built western civilization. They have achieved a superlative standard of living for all, yet these fucks in the video can’t think of ONE thing men are better at?

It is because of men, we have all this great stuff and have been given a platform to pursue whatever it is we are interested in. This includes the time wasting, inconsequential, monotonous, mind-numbing retarded shit women are into.
The Metroid series’, Samus Aran, is great as a female protagonist, because the female stupidity does not supercede and isn’t shoved in our faces. It is encumbered and held back. Again, femininity is only positive under the auspices of masculinity.

This is the reality that the gynotopia is hellbent on erasing from our psyche. It is why the Feminine dominated and run (by Female standards and values) governements and the media are trying so hard to push ineptitude and incompetence as acceptable. Female stupidity is run amok and treated as a virtue.

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Islam gets it. They comprehend very well that women are dumb and destructive and make no accommodations for The Feminine.

My only problem with the Taliban is that instead of listening to AC/DC when they rape and pillage, they listen to weird stringed instruments and chants.

But I guess it’s the same energy. Make no doubt about it. Masculine Energy.
If what’s happened thus far is any indication, approximately 100% of those fighters will immediately surrender and join the Taliban.

The Pentagon is, for whatever reason acting confused. I have a hard time believing this situation actually confuses them, but maybe they’re even dumber than we thought. They could well be high on their own supply, having bought into the bizarre delusion that these cave people were actually digging the vibes of their anal-feminist agenda.

This is what trusting Israel had brought upon us.
It’s not clear if they are actually “surrendering” or just defecting.

It seems to me that they are likely defecting, but that the Pentagon and Jewish media would prefer to frame it as surrender.

It’s difficult to ever get to the truth these days, you know.

The Post is even suggesting that the US troops should stay there to protect the innocents. In other words White Knight the situation, further.

This is the same narrative that leftist papers like The Guardian are pushing.

“The US military is a force of good in the world and must fight to defend the sacred ritual of the vagina and the holy anal ramming.”

But why is no one in Afghanistan wearing a virus mask???
Run, swine!

You lost!

Afghanistan rejects your matriarchy and your anal poop-licking!

Get out!

And don’t come back!

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It’s obvious that things are very political — very politically charged — and we’re constantly being fed a stream of political rhetoric and political grievances.

Because of this, people develop certain belief systems and we frequently talk about the notion of an echo chamber and echo chambers, absolutely exist – particularly online — and they are places where people tend to talk about the things they want to talk about, exclusively.

In these echo chambers, there’s not a lot of crossover with other belief systems, or with people who believe differently than we do, or with those who may have differing perspectives and it feels good to sit and dwell in an echo chamber, because you are presumably sitting there with kindred spirits and like-minded people.

Yet, one of the consequences of the ideological obsessions and the notion of being “plugged in” online, is that a certain form of latent solipism has emerged.

Now when I speak of solipsism, I’m not referring to the philosophical belief that the self is the only thing that exists
or the self is the only thing that can be recognized. There’s a modicum of truth to that, of course; your consciousness as an individual, is cut off from the consciousness of another individual. We are inaccessible to each other on some level and how we typically try to bridge that gap is by means of human language. Speech and language are the only tools we have which we can avail ourselves and this is how we communicate the products of our consciousness as individuals.
The solipsist (particularly women and feminized men) encounters somebody else of a different persuasion and simply cannot comprehend that there is a person out there that might be different and it’s not just that he cannot comprehend it, he is unable to tolerate it. What follows soon after is censorship, censureship, insults and the general shaming tactics and language.

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The world is now trapped in the clutches of multiple death cults like Judeo-Communism (China), Judaic Fascism in Israel (Zionism), Judeo-Christianity (e.g Evangelical Christ Cult), patriotic war machine cults (e.g the Military Industrial Complexes that need endless war for endless profits), Global Warming/Climate Change Death Cult, and the never mentioned central banking caused Debt Bubble cult.


The world is in the grip of multiple death cults, and now we have a new world wide death cult that could already be bigger than the Christian-Zionist hell death cult, it is what I call the Branch Covidian Death Cult of Mask Wearing Morons addicted to the Jewtube. They so love their mask of obedience and want more restrictions to stop the spread of the make believe Covids.
So in my not so humble opinion these abovementioned death cult groups are going to win hands down and take the world to hell with them and their crazy death cult ideas they hold so dear. The Jewish banking system is based on the madness of a homosexual deviant named John Maynard Keynes, his idea of endless debt stimulus with no end – is a completely unknown death cult. There is an end to endless debt madness, it is the end of us. So if anyone wants to argue with me that Jews are not the root cause of the downfall of humanity, go ahead make my day.

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Communism is a feminine construct. Communism pushes big government and relies on government interventionism. Women promote government interventionism and always vote for bigger government, without fail.
Women believe freedom to be rebelliousness. They think the answers to the world’s problems to be embedded within their being. Evidence shows this to be the complete opposite — that women are nothing more than agents of chaos.

Women push for egalitarianism at the behest of bigger government and even though research shows that more prosperous, egalitarian and healthy nations have more psychological differences between men and women, this simply isn’t true and highly impossible.

The contradiction here is, the more differences between men and women means egalitarianism is not achievable and a farce, because we know that more advanced societies have more differentiated gender roles. This means that traditional sex roles are important for stability of any group, or nation. Therefore, with this being the case, equality, or egalitarianism is merely a pie in the sky construct of a woman’s mind.
In other words, anything pursued by women is retarded. Anything that is born out of female values is retarded. Being around women makes you retarded. This is evident in single-mother parented young men. Look at elementary schools that’s dominated by female teachers. Look at our hospitals and Healthcare system. Allowing women to dominate any society will result in retardation. Anything matriarchal will lead to a dumbing down of society. Why is this? Because women are fucking stupid and retarded.

When I say this, I’m not just talking out of my ass, folks. I know what the fuck I’m saying.

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The Northman Review

I won’t go too long, neither will I provide spoilers, but I must start out with saying that it would be nice if gentiles could have their cinema back. )ews have been shitting down our eye sockets for a hundred years now and this movie does not disappoint in that regard.

Okay, okay. It’s actually not a bad movie, but it is highly thematic. There’s the Oedipal theme, there’s the Male Mother Need theme, there’s the Simping Mangina and Gynocentrism theme, the Disposable Male theme and the Usurpation of Male Vitality by Whores and their Whoresons theme.

Naturally, this film has every single young, foolish white male buzzing with the incessant outbursts of “based” at every mention of it.

The writer, who is an Icelandic poet, I suspect to be a Icelandic )ew (yes, the traders made it to Iceland in 1625).

He keeps company with the vilest of traders, such as Margaret Atwood.

While many will deem this movie to be quite masculine, while I would be inclined to agree, it is the primitive side of masculinity that is spoken of here, in this article. A matriarchal archetype of masculinity.

Just read that article, watch the movie and you’ll see what it is I mean. In the end, the movie shows you how male vitality is wasted for the sake of…vajeen.

I rate it a 6.5 out of 10.