Pahlavan #homophobia #pratt #dunning-kruger

Whatever Elon Musk does with Twitter, it will hardly matter. Twitter is but a vehicle of the Cultural Marxist madness, not it's source. The source of the problem is something infinitely more dangerous and powerful than Twitter - public education/mandatory government indoctrination, coming to us straight out of the Communist Manifesto. In Greek myth, Heracles defeated the Hydra not by strength or futile cutting of it's infinitely-regenerating heads, but by having Iolaus burn it's necks. If one wants to deal a death blow to the Cultural Marxism, one needs to destroy the concept of public education. America is actually the only nation that can do this - it has a Constitution that restricts the power of the federal government. Since public education is not listed in Article 1, Section 8... It's obvious that it's inception in the United States of America was "legislation from the bench" - and if someone who actually reads the Constitution gets into power, they can simply declare it null and void and toss all of it into the trashbin where it belongs. With that, the steady stream of Cultural Marxism will vanish - without public education infused by Cultural Marxism... Imagine the mainstream media and the faggots - for example - being unable to recruit anyone and consigned to die. Imagine the entire nation finally returning to God and decency.



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