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[Unironic Post] How s-x causes violence in thought and behavior and why it need to be banned

[Unironic Post] How s-x causes violence in thought and behavior and why it need to be banned
First off, I am very glad I found this board. I have been campaigning against s-x my whole life and am glad others are joining the movement. The creators of the content here are geniuses.

S-x is nothing more than an act of violent domination over another human being. This is not very difficult to figure out if one spends significant amounts of time browsing through p-rn sites (I do NOT recommend that you do this). Most s-x acts involve some sort of violence against the recipient, and I don’t want to go into detail about this because I want to keep this post NSFW. However, if one of you is familiar with what I’m talking about, it is very easy to understand what I mean. Indeed, in some cases it goes to extreme lengths involving some sort of simulated enslavement of the recipient.

This is not a coincidence. If you observe the animal kingdom, you will see that most mating rituals involve some sort of violence. This can be particularly observed in species of birds such as ducks and chickens. Our ancestors were not much different, and in a time when we did not have stable laws, forced s-x was very common. In a lot of cases, this was simply out of necessity, as a man’s s-xual urges are often uncontrollable because of the pressing biological need to reproduce. It was also a display of dominance, since women generally prefer strong males in order to produce similarly strong and healthy offspring.

So s-x is very often nothing more than a dominance display. The fact that the majority of women have fantasies about forced s-x and domination proves this, and most men are happy to oblige. It is not simply a means of reproduction, at least not today. With modern contraceptives, s-x is usually some just to fulfill base animal instincts instead of simple reproduction. Furthermore, we are now developing means to develop children without needing to resort to s-x. It is therefore completely unnecessary.

When one has s-x, he releases his base animal nature which causes him to act violently in other areas of life. Once one has already committed to one violent act, he finds it much easier to do so in other spheres of life. It is no coincidence that history’s mass murderers were all s-xhavers, while some of history’s most revered prophets and teachers of peace were celibate. It should therefore be forcibly discontinued among humans.

S-xual desire should be treated as a mental disorder. One could say that this is not right because it is natural, but other disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar, OCD, autism, etc. are natural as well. S-x makes people unhappy as it is something that can never be satisfied and people want more and more of it, therefore causing suffering. Therefore, it is clearly a mental disorder, and can be treated with medication to inhibit desire. Procreation of the species should be accomplished artificially. Once this is done, we can enter an age of eternal peace where men and women are treated equally and would enable us to travel the universe. We would do so peacefully, without intent or desire to conquer alien species. A universal age of prosperity would then be achievable and all would be content and fulfilled.

Thank you for reading.



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