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RE: Girl Forces Boy To Have Sex With Dog, Judge’s Decision Creates Controversy

Yet more proof that it's better to be a women in today's society than it is to be a man. Imagine the world catering to your every need, simply because they want to fuck you. Heh. Fucking amazing.


Attempted murder, rape and filming of CP

Gets 4 years

Up to 4. She could be out much sooner and put on probation due to good behavior.

if that was a man it would be 10 years or 20 years.

double standards more like 10x standards

if overnight the men just quit any army or what not you would have leverage.

the government is a scam, and relies on the army for nefarious purposes. the framers of the constitution despised a standing army and any draft system, they did have a voluntary militia that was drawn up when needed for the war with uk.

Another day another pussy pass. Starting to become numb to them, they used to really upset me because they are ultimately unjust. Just have to accept women are treated with kid's gloves in this society.


This is every evil and messed up act in the freaking book. Forcing a boy to have sex with a dog and knifepoint whilst filming it. Let alone an Autistic boy!

truly horrifying oppression that is happening in the present day and all men have to see how little their lives matter and still no one cares. I really don't even know what to sa


" Judge Densford also “acknowledged evidence that Bush suffered trauma as a child and multiple concussions as a Chopticon cheerleader. And he concluded that it didn’t make sense to send her to an adult prison”

From now on I'm a transleader.

I see the Patriarchy strikes again /s

Judges are definitely idiots with a title. They are the greatest example, no matter that you go to college, you still can be more of an asshole than many uneducated people.



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