Various Incels #racist #sexist

"Teenagers are just children, bro" and "Females are the nurturing gender, bro" Two women, aged 13 & 15, attempt to carjack a senior curry and kill him

Teen girls charged with murder in failed carjacking of UberEats driver

Bet they were nigresses

Hmm, both sheboons and cumskins have that "I can do anything I want" mindset. Are there many sheboons in Virginia, though?

(Total Imbecile)
My first thought too and what do you know. White women are not high T enough to commit such low inhib crimes

Coon Coon.
Black Baboon.
Brutal, Worthless, Thieving Goon.
Often High Thrives in Jail.
His Welfare Check is in the Mail.
Some 40 Offspring have been had.
None will ever call him dad.
And Yet he Hollers Day and Night
“I Blames De White Man Fo My Plight,
It’s Him Who Spreads Trash All Around My Shack,
It’s Him What Makes Me Smoke Dis Crack,
He Push My Kind To Burn and Loot,
And Sends De Po-lice Dat We Shoot.
But Inch by Inch we Taking Hold
Like When De White Bread Starts to Mold
We’ll Overrun Yo Homes and soon
Dey Only Be Fit Fo De Blackassed Coon

JFL imaging being a Paki who is 66 years old and being forced to wagecuck for UberEats only to get killed by I suspect, 2 nigger girls.


holy shit, not only do these whores deprive you of every bit of happiness you could possibly have, but they also actively try to kill your ass off.

Women want all genetically inferior men dead, they'd kill us all if it was legal

(Transcended Trucel)

why the fuck whenever those shit happens you immediate know its negros?

they are most lowest inhib race, when they feel like taking or doing something they do it. everyone else will consider the consequences



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