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The Far Left Only Tolerates Trans Because It is a Force for Destabilization

The same is true for opening up women’s private spaces, like washrooms and changing rooms, to these fetishistic men. It isn’t about securing a safe place to pee and change for a vulnerable population (or else radical leftists would actually care about keeping these spaces exclusively for women), it’s about toppling boundaries, breaking conventions, and tearing the social contract.

Trans-identified men are agents of subversion and chaos. Their presence in women’s spaces and, increasingly, in everyday public spaces, causes tension and often demands special accommodation. They are forcing society to rewrite rules that, prior to now, didn’t even need to be written down. As they like to point out, society did not generally have laws in place that actually prohibited men from entering women’s private spaces. Because we didn’t have to. In general, trust was high enough and we valued safety, privacy, decency, and common sense enough not to spell it out in law. It is a bad sign that we now have to.

I often get accused by queer and trans activists of aligning myself with the right and cryptically told that they will come for me next, but I am not the one they need to be worried about.

Dear trans and queer activists: the radical leftists are using you because your derangement is exactly what they need to undermine Western society. If they manage to achieve this goal, then you’ll be the first of the revolution’s children to be devoured.

Radicals of all stripes are not your friends, nor mine. A moderate society of small L liberals and small C conservatives who aren’t looking for revolution and who take a “live and let live attitude” is your best bet for actually being able to live your life in peace. But you fight these people. You accuse everyone who doesn’t take the most radically leftist position of being a far-right literal Nazi. You call free speech, open debate, and tolerance of different viewpoints bigotry. But societies that champion these values are the only ones that actually allow you to exist as you do.




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