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Order out of chaos…A New World Order out of chaos to be exact. A world that’s run by synthetic & artificial intelligences and where “you will own nothing and be happy“.

The induction of societal chaos that we’ve seen since the “Enderz Game” protocol was enacted by the EL-ites and the Covaids hoax was set in motion represented the culmination of an agenda that had been in the works for a LONG TIME.

Reptoid commie slobs like Klaus Schwab have plans to cull the world population to a level that they see fit. While also taking the opportunity to abolish paper money and establish a new financial order for the the survivors, ensuring they’d be much easier to control moving forward. As far as Globalist swine like Schwab are concerned, allowing us to freely trade with one and other using paper currency seems to be a far too empowering and convenient of a vector of commerce for the pesky citizen and needs to be replaced with a centralized digital currency that will make the taxation and control of one’s finances that much easier for the banking EL-ite.
But beyond these drastic changes to our personal freedoms and the digital conversion of currency, there is a very very creepy Transhumanist aspect to this reset agenda that should have you absolutely terrified. Specifically, this 5th phase of the Industrial Revolution aspires to establish an Orwellian-like level of control over both your physical body and even the essence of ones consciousness itself.
Cmon people. Use your brain. That is, if you are even still in control of you own bodily functions at this point. A have a feeling a good chunk of you aren’t in control of your own thoughts and have been rendered into soulless Golums who now are only able to operate and interact with others via the inputs of the parasitic A.I. hivemind intelligence that has assumed complete control of their bodily vessel.



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