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My father was a Vegan lightworker from long ago who was caught in the incarnation cycles of earth, married to an earthling woman. When I look at their relationship, he had his head in the clouds when he started to do the spiritual work he did and my mother was the practical one, who paid the bills and ran the home. My father probably had some overactive chakras and was pretty ungrounded after he began his practise, but my mother was very grounded all the time. So why is that? She frankly had little capacity to be a spiritual person, despite her Pleiadian lineage because she was so entrenched in the Matrix and subject to the dark mother mind control programming. My father was the one who broke free of it and he even knew about lightworkers and the coming plan to create a One World Order.
Ivo: Of course the weaker partner is obviously targeted by the Matrix to stand their ground and to refuse to change. Sometimes the partner cannot fight off the mind control and succumbs, other times the partner can fight the mind control and continue to change. At times, the partner will give up their body and release it to a walk-in who will continue the ascension process.

There is also the question of the lightworker being born into a completely earthling family in order to transmute the family karma, which is what Sharon has done. This has allowed her father to return to Vega to begin again. He is a third dimensional Vegan now, but he will be learning in the bardo state rather than through incarnation while remembering what he already knew. Your father was actually a 6th dimensional Vegan before he left for earth and became trapped there. He continually reincarnated into his mother's lineage for centuries and eventually he became a Lyran/Vegan hybrid on planet earth because of his mother's relationship to his father, who was of Lyran lineage.



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