metabuxx #sexist

[Serious] Daily reminder to always contribute in making a hole's life worse in any way possible

Always be rude to a waitress and never tip them.
Leave bad reviews on your nearest female owned businesses
Always give your female professors the worst rating in feedback forms.
Always dislike a YouTube video featuring a hole and report the channel for harassment.
Always criticize and be impolite towards nurses and flight attendants.
Never follow a hole on Instagram or Twitter or TikTok and if you want to, post hateful comments on their posts.
Download porn movies from torrent sites or daftsex so that not one penny goes into the back accounts of those whores.
Use Adblocks on female owned websites and leave negative comments
Never help a hole in distress. They are not entitled to it.

Remember, every hole on this planet hates you and wants you dead. The least you can do is make them feel a bit shittier about themselves. I know it won't affect their lives on tutorial mode much but every action of yours matters and it may lead to a beta uprising in the near future.



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