Jellyfishes, SecondSkin & VestalVirgin #transphobia

RE: Do you think male children who are being raised "as girls" due to pro-trans parents are getting female or male socialization?

( Jellyfishes )
Like the others said, he will receive an even stronger male socialization. Pro-trans parents worship males as much as trad conservatives. They will treat him as the most specialest kid, tell him he's better than the girls, that he can do anything he wants and shit on all kids who don't want to play along. Even if they say they are treating him like a girl, it's an absolute lie, they would never do this for a girl.

( SecondSkin )
Hyper-male socialisation.

Taught their needs come before everyone and that everyone must celebrate them every second or genociding.

They don’t pass. They aren’t treated like girls are. And they are well aware they are more powerful than girl, their aggression and violence is on full display all the time.

TIFs aren’t being socialised as male are they? Their voices aren’t centred and their male vaginas catered to above everything else, are they? Yeah some are obnoxious and entitled, but unless they are being paraded round for male pregnancy they are basically just shoved off to the back.

( VestalVirgin )
IF a boy was raised as girl and the parents pretended to him and others that he IS a girl (not an extra-special transgirl), then he miiiight get a little bit of female socialisation before puberty, assuming he passed.

Being ignored by teachers, being told to be quiet, being told to be nice.

But he would only get that from people other than his parents, so it wouldn't be as strong.

The time when peers start to be more important than parents is puberty, and he would cease passing then.

He would also be taught to worship penis, because that's part of female socialisation, and that would backfire and make him extra chauvinistic once he realizes he's male.

I recall meeting a man on an internet forum ages ago who claimed his mother forced him to wear girl dresses. If he was telling the truth, his mother was one very messed up woman. And he, well ... he was the most misogynist arsehole ever, carrying the delusion that women were oppressing men. (Which might be explained by his childhood, if he wasn't an AGP who was lying, which is entirely possible)

One thing's for sure and that is that nothing good comes from raising boys "as girl". [...]



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