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[RageFuel] "Therapy" is a big cucked joke

Imagine PAYING to TALK TO SOMEBODY because of how society has treated you. You are such a lonely piece of shit that society has crushed you now need to spend money to talk to somebody, and the person you're talking to isn't even your friend. It's all artificial. ESPECIALLY if its a female therapist, for she knows your issue and will not help you, but rather keep leeching your money (such is female nature).

They tell us that sex and relationships aren't human rights but then why would therapy need to be a thing if its not detrimental? Why would people waste their money if these things don't matter?

Talking to a female therapist specifically is GIGACUCKED. She knows why you are there, but she will continue feeding you lies. Lies and lies and lies to get more money from you. Male therapists do this too but in lower quantity.

Infact, you want proof therapy is a joke? Tell them this. "I want to hurt myself and others". Then you'll know how much of a joke it is when they snitch you out to the cops and you get put in a padded room mental home.



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