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[Blackpill] There's no greater way to discredit a movement than have a load of femoids join on board

Seriously. If people saw only black people walking down the street protesting they would get on board with it and show some sympathy. As soon as loads of plain-faced, short-haired, jean-wearing, pissed off about not being chad material femoids start marching alongside you trying to piggyback on your movement just to bash all men because they have realised they are ugly you are gonna get hate and ridicule purely through association.

Every time I see these marches it is all either ugly women or LGBT/Cucked types mixed in with blacks. Ironic seeing as white femoids are the most racist beings to ever walk the earth and reject black men en masse on Tinder which is the most prevalent form of racial/physical oppression.

Demand these foids give up Tinder or donate a quarter of their wages/OnlyCucks money to an impoverished black family and watch them crumble.



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