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Dumb take? I dread the day men invading our spaces stop calling themselves "women" and start claiming they are "transmen" instead

I know it's a stupid take, and I'm sorry, but I'm trying to wrap my head around it. I hate that no, not all of us (me mostly) will be able to discern this. I hate that this is a plausible situation that can come from "transmen are free to use female spaces because they are female, regardless of how much they have masculinized themselves" and that scumbag men will likely once again use it to their advantage.

Like right now, there's probably zero chance in hell that TIFs would actually want to admit they are female by using the ladies, or that TIMs would admit to being any sort of man, but I can see the AGPs who don't care either way adopting this.

Males can already stealth in as "passing" transwomen whom we've never noticed (they're already doing it when they don't pass as "women"), they sure as hell would have no problems pretending to be bearded, balding transmen, too.

I remember a positive interaction twitter thread posted by a GNC woman who said she had been confronted by another woman who told her she was in the ladies, thinking she was a man. The OP told the woman she was actually female, the woman then clocked her as female after she spoke, and all was well and good, because the woman did recognize the OP was female, as she said.

I keep thinking about how if it was me and if my shit clocking senses couldn't tell, if I would have made a fool out of myself insisting she was a man (if it was a TIF instead of a GNC woman). Or if it was some skinny feminine AGP with a beard and he'd lied and said he was actually a transman. And I would be more mortified about insulting a masculinized woman that she looked like a man that I'd likely let it go. And if it would start the whole thing about being overly suspicious of anyone remotely non-conforming, or even "truscum trans" who used the right-sexed toilets, or detrans people whose appearances have been permanently altered.

....can we have a rewind to thirty years ago where I would have no idea even if the tiny minority of "passing" transwomen were actually stealthing into our toilets who ACTUALLY only wanted to pee, where we had unspoken assurance that 99% of the people using single-sexed spaces WERE that sex and I didn't have to think about it?




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