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Unusually low scores on agreeableness and conscientiousness are associated with psychopathic personality. Blacks are significantly lower than whites on those two important traits. Psychopaths have trouble planning ahead. Walter Mischel came up with the marshmallow test, in which he gave children a choice between one marshmallow now or two marshmallows in the future. Results have been widely reported. Much less widely reported are the racial differences, with the usual pattern: whites are more willing than blacks to wait for a greater reward, and Asians are more willing than whites.

Risk-taking is part of psychopathic personality. Blacks are more likely to take risks, and men are more likely than women. One of the best predictors of adult psychopathic personality is wild behavior as a child. There is probably not one school district where students of different races are punished at the same rate. Nationally, black students are suspended at five times the white rate. Supposedly racist white teachers get the blame for this, but does anyone believe that in this time, white teachers are systematically punishing black students unfairly? This article claims that if black students have black teachers, they are less likely to be punished, but the difference was only a few percentage points. Black teachers are still much more likely to punish black students than white students. Black children behave badly. Differences of this kind have been found in Britain, Canada, and in Europe.

These are murder rates by race per 100,000 people. The white rate of 4.5 is one seventh the black rate of 34.4. The real difference is even greater because Hispanics are lumped in with whites. Blacks probably commit murder at eight, nine, maybe even 10 times the white rate. Why would blacks be more psychopathic? Edward Dutton argues that Whites and Asians evolved in climates in which people had to cooperate. Africa was more forgiving. Cooperation, planning ahead, and care for children were less important. Psychopaths could survive and pass along their genes.



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