AnonAutist & Shin no Shi #psycho #sexist #wingnut

RE: "do you think men deserve human rights"



She's right though, nobody deserves human rights because they don't exist. There does not exist any world government that is committed to defending or securing your supposed 'human rights'. They are a liberal hoax used as a pretense for 'regime change' (war) or sanctions of states that defy the liberal world order.

Get Schmittpilled.

(Shin no Shi)
who do you think let you use that app?
who do you think let you in bong?
oh wait the exact type of person that you're describing you letterbox faggot. I can't wait when some muslim guy just pins her down and tells her to stfu
Fuck these foids and their dirt ridden hypocrisy.

Lol at women thinking they have the power to take anything from men without big daddy jew government backing them.

Women are weak



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