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In 2016 we had the Brexit resolved and I think that fed in very directly to Americans going out and voting for Donald Trump, believing that the establishment could be beaten. We, three years after that vote, found ourselves without Brexit, the date we were to leave by British law was frankly ignored, and we launched a grassroots revolt which I was very proud to lead and now we have brexit. We’re out, we’re free.

The deal might not be perfect but it's better than before, and here is the thing, 70% approval rating for Brexit, and the rest of Europe is looking at that too.

Our Labour party became a globalist party, unconcerned by open borders and mass immigration, and the party of cancel culture, which means you eradicate your nation’s history, and teach your children in schools they should be ashamed of who they are. Working class British in their millions feel alienated by it, they desserted it and now it is dead on the floor. It won’t come back for decades. I know that lots of American conservatives have virtually been in mourning for the last six months about the situation here, and I’ve come to say, we’ve now achieved some amazing things, and you in the mid-terms can do the same because the democrats are making exactly the same mistakes, moving to the left and alienating many of their own people.

The overall European project itself, now they see that Britain’s doing well with Brexit, I don’t believe that this globalist project will even exist in 10 years time. I don’t believe that the dems will stay in power in America, and I think what you’ll see is the election of the Biden administration actually is a short-term blip. The populist movement has got a lot further to run. We’re beating globalism.



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