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( @RealRedElephants )

( @DJHD )
@RealRedElephants In other words... SHAPIRO'S A FILTHY KIKE CUNT.
Look it up.

( @Pozzmo )
Ben Shapiro anyone who advocates getting the toxic shot should never have a platform worth a second look . Period

( @AntiSatanic )
@RealRedElephants Even years ago, there was never a time that I didn’t think Ben Shapiro was nothing but a Zionist midwit Controlled Opposition Kike!

( @FatherJohn )
@RealRedElephants NEVER trust.... a Jew.

( @Atomic_Pope )
@RealRedElephants Perfidious Jew, Ben Shapiro, selling toxic snake oil to the goyim for his fellow Jews in Big Pharma.

( @JoeyJoJoJoestarJr_Shabadoo )
@RealRedElephants is Ben vaxed? Or are spike proteins not kosher?

(@HigHrvatski )
@RealRedElephants I Got COVID twice, if you're a young man don't get the vaccine.

( @SuperMAGADeplorableTaco )
@HigHrvatski @RealRedElephants most likely you got influenza twice not covid since you build immunity after the first time. Also the tests were based on influenza it holds to a hypothesis that you tested positive to influenza not “COVID-19” which has never been isolated by the way.

( @HigHrvatski )
@SuperMAGADeplorableTaco Irrelevant, don't get the jab. The jab is deadly to young men, while Corona or the flu is not.



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