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You have to get the permission from the bishop which gives you the authority of the Church to act upon them.

This is one of the reasons why even the Protestants know that there are certain cases that only Catholics can break. There was a case in New York, a guy was possessed, doing the levitation thing, you know, sticking to the ceiling, and the Protestants are like, well, let's just go in and liberate the individual.

They go in, they got beaten within an inch of their lifes. And while they were being beaten the demon said, you have no authority over me. Because certain kinds of possession require the authority of the Catholic Church. So they got the exorcist from the diocese to come in, he commands the thing by the power of Church to come down, the guy descends and then they cuff him.

Question, I don't know, you're probably gonna say I have a demon, but what if I, like, don't really believe in this. Or, like, it's just like way too
much, like what would you say to a person like me.

I would say I wish I had that luxury. No, I'm serious.

About 70 to 80% of the cases of possession the person changes shape. You know, this is not something that somebody can do. As I mentioned, I've seen levitation but it's extremely rare, hidden knowledge is a very common thing, them telling you things that there's absolutely no way they would know. Somebody who has never even heard a language, for example, I had a possession case where the demon told me his name in a form of Egyptian that hadn't been spoken for three thousand years, I had to go to a linguistic expert to find out what he said.



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