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RE: What if the word we suddenly couldn't define anymore was "children"?

( actualdyke )
I know this is a hypothetical at the moment but I don't put it past them for one second that this is their next step. They're already doing everything they can to push the idea that children CAN consent to things being done to their body. They're also trying to convince everyone that children have a fully formed identity by the age of fucking 2, which is clearly an attempt to adultify children and make them seem much smarter and wiser than they actually are. do you see where i’m going with this?

add to that the disturbing amount of TW who identify as little girls and wear diapers and suck on pacifiers... I would say the next logical step in this thinking is to claim that age, much like a gender is a social construct, and since toddlers are smart and wise enough to consent to being trans, and since transage TW are completely valid and stunning, what's to stop a real toddler and a trans toddler from ... i'm not going to finish the sentence but you and I both know what their endgame here is.

( pennygadget )
Agreed. Abolishing the age of sexual consent is the logical next step after legislating that literal toddlers can consent to legally changing their name & gender and that an 8 year old can consent to drugs that will permanently alter their genitals and sexuality.

Also, I suspect the rise in puberty blockers is partially to create a generation of young people who are legally adults but have the minds & bodies of children due to being artificially delayed with drugs.

( XX_Power )
This is the endgame of the transhumanists and paedos and perverts leading this cult. The end goal is both the disappearance of women's rights and the legalization of child abuse and child rape, obviously both of these are deeply connected.

( SecondSkin )
Queer theory has always been about breaking down boundaries. The MAPs have long been pushing their legitimacy and many tq are all for it (or are them). And if trans kids can consent to life altering medical treatment then they can consent to sex can’t they? That’s always been where this was heading, and it’s never been hidden. Drag queens twerking in school and libraries in lingerie-not subtle the agenda being pushed is it?



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