MommySher #fundie

The only purpose behind homosexual so-called "marriage" is the destruction of the family. It is all tied in with the Marxist, communist, socialist, progressive - whatever the totalitarian dictators are currently calling themselves - thieves of our liberties latest power grab.

The family is God's idea. It is His creation of the basic building block of an orderly society, for the rearing and protection of children. He created the family as the basic unit of government; the father as head of the family is supposed to be directly answerable to God. But man in his foolishness didn't want God telling him what to do; so he bands together with like minded fools in rejection of God and elects a government made up of the biggest fools in the pack and is answerable to theminstead. And in his mind he has made progress. Government (men) seeks its own power and wants no competition, so anything with the fingerprint of God on it must go. Therefore, Christianity must be outlawed and the family must be destroyed.

Today's fools think they are at the brink of a new Utopia. It looks like they are winning, but they can't win because they've already lost. They lost 2000 years ago when my Lord Jesus Christ died on a Roman cross and rose up again three days later. That doesn't mean that the ride won't get a little rough once in a while, so hang onto your hats!

I personally think that the United States has been assigned to the dustbin of history. The higher you rise the harder you fall and I believe that we are going to leave the biggest crater ever left by a fallen civilization.



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