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Blackpill The world does not benefit from women's rights.

All women are interested in the top 20% of men. Looks, height, physical strength, status, and wealth. Skin color is immaterial if you have those things. The entire racial equity movement, both sides racists and SJWs, it's all just a smokescreen for what women are biologically and subconsciously programmed to seek out: The exclusion of men who don't occupy the upper echelons of maledom to be excluded from the gene pool.

For thousands of years, the strongest and most confident men were clamored over by our ancestral women, while second-tier men were excluded without a second thought or a moment's remorse. Women excluding unfit men by any and all criteria possible is literally how we came to be the dominant species on the planet. It helped keep threats and intra-species competition at bay. But then we reached the point that we no longer had any threats. As the agricultural dawned, we no longer had any real scarcity or danger to face other than famine, yet women kept reproductively selecting in the same way: tall, strong, big dick, full head of hair. This resulted in harems. There is a raft of genomic evidence to indicate that, during the early agrarian period, up to 17 women would have children with the same one powerful man. Meanwhile, the other 16 men, whose labor might otherwise be fruitful, had nothing to work for and spent all their time infighting and plotting to back stab the man in charge.

Look around you. Engineering, construction, science, exploration. Modern civilization. All products of beta labor. Men who sold their time and effort for the promise of a loyal woman and children that would be biologically his own. We kept women down for a damn good one reason. They hate the idea of bearing children not born of alpha male seed. At some point, men began caring about their concerns.

Also, yes, water is indeed wet.



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