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During the Mexican-American War, some politicians wanted to conquer all of Mexico. Here is John C. Calhoun’s (race realist) argument against doing so.

“We have conquered many of the neighboring tribes of Indians, but we have never thought of incorporating them into our Union. They have either been left as an independent people amongst us, or been driven into the forests. Ours, sir, is the Government of a white race. And yet it is professed and talked about to erect these Mexicans into a Territorial Government, and place them on an equality with the people of the United States. I protest utterly against such a project.

Are you, any of you, willing that your States should be governed by these twenty-odd Mexican States, with a population of about only one million of your blood, and two or three millions of mixed blood, all the rest pure Indians, a mixed blood equally ignorant and unfit for liberty, impure races, not as good as Cherokees or Choctaws?”

The frankness of the great men of the past is astounding! They were so blunt with the truth. They knew that Christian European civilization was unique in all of history. They also knew instinctively that to admit millions of Indians would completely disrupt a White society.

(Ian Connolly)
If we threatened the president of Mexico with literal military action if he doesn’t take the people back and keep them there, I wonder how that would go.

Even after mass deportations, Mexico would still owe us TRILLIONS in "reparations," which, of course, they couldn't pay.

I wouldn’t threaten them I would do it. Roll tanks right up to the National Palace in Mexico City. Cut Mexico in half. The seven northern Mexican states will be under US military authority until the invaders are reunited to their homeland. It’s the only way to seriously get them removed and punish Mexico for the carnage they have cost this country.

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But if anyone needs a good red pilling in race realism, I suggest spending an afternoon in the Emergency Room of a local hospital of any town that is at least 10% black. Oh, the things you will see…



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