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( shuikan )

What do Western and Southern Slavic Monarchists think about this meme?


( DioTheThotSlayer69 )

Never again with Germans and Hungarians in one country!

( dogtail69 )

Multilingual, multicultural, multiracial, multireligious globohomo empire BUT IT HAS MONARCHY IN NAME!!! WOAH, SO BASED AND TRAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO

( Balderbro )

Because what Russia needs is obviously even more germanization...

( Fudi0m )

Words can't describe how much I hate this. Slavs arent your personal slaves and toys you can play with you fucking germans. As much so and act as.

( konstantin1453 )

I'm a slovak(Upper Hungary), and this is a little absurd meme. The majority of founders and leaders of the pan-slavist movement were people of my nationality.

The pan-slavist poetry and books I have read in school and in my free time were absurdly anti-germanic and later after 1850-s anti-hungarian(and anti-muslim but that's ok).

My personal stance is for reunification of my country with Hungary and I'm a Habsburg legitimist, but thinking that pan-slavs are communists or that the movement was an evil plot of Slavs to destroy the monarchy is crazy.

"anti-muslim but that's ok" What the fuck?

I mean it an a sense of a real oppresion. The ottomans weren't very friendly to slavs, and did much worse things to them than what the austrians/hungarians did. Upper Hungary (Slovakia) was being raided for more than 100 years.

Bosniaks had a different experience since they adopted islam, but the slovaks lived in terror during 16.-17. century.

( DzonjoJebac )

Ohh just imagine the balkans and why they hate turks so much then. Some parts were ruled for 500 years. Im glad and proud of my montenegrin heritage as weve never been fully incorporated into the ottoman empire and always resisted but still that meant no protection from the ottoman government which meant many neighbouring muslims, turks, albanians would often try to "collect taxes" on their own



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