shrill_neoconazi_idiot #fundie

So first we disprove their little liberal evolution theory on the basis of unsatisfactory evidence, and suddenly POOF, they have more fossils which just happen to perfectly fit into the huge holes in their theories. You have to be pretty naive for fall for such a simpleminded trick!

['SIMPLEMINDED? And it is not simpleminded to believe in such archaic fables such as the existence of god which were believed to exist by the Mesopotamians, the inhabitants of one of the Earth's FIRST CIVILIZATIONS, thousands of years ago? SIMPLEMINDED! ha!']

You choose to mock God but yet you have no problem believing in such idiotic monstrosities as diplodocus or stegosaurus or archeopterix. I mean, come on! If you're going to fool people, at least TRY to be convincing. Evolution theory is simply laughable.



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