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World War II is the only war the Democrats got us involved that we can be thankful for.

ACTUALLY NO we can't be sure. I have heard/seen/read so much stuff about the Nazis you wouldn't believe it.
We know its the survivor who writes who "the bad guys" have been and we all know it was not Uncle Adolf and his boys who have survived.

Apparently the Nazis did not tried to conquer the whole world.
Because of the existence of Zionists they did not trusted a single Jew no matter how harmless they looked.
The concentrationcamps did not kill the Jews also and even though that is not much nicer: They "just" kicked them out after stripping almost everything from them.

And later on those Jews would all, similar to the "assylum seeker routes" we see today, magically all know where to go cause people were already there to bring them to Israel.
Israels existence was also apparently already planned before WW2 broke out in case Hitler tries to resist the Zionists.
The Zionists see every non-Jew as an "animalhuman" who exists only to serve the only true Humans, which can and will only be Jews. ;) Sounds familiar?

But even other Jews are not safe from the Zionists crazy plans!
If they decide that their plans are worth to endanger or even actively kill more normal Jews (aka not Zionists)
then yes -> they will use all kinds of methods and even Wars to make it happen.

Hitler found out and wanted to free the world of the grip of Zionists or "suspiciously rich Jews" as most less clear speaking people would probably say.
Who are the richest people at Wallstreet or in the West in general? Who is always guiding everything from the shadows?
Who invented liberalism and all this crazy tool for dividing people? And who supports all kinds of "minority projects" with their money? We all know it.

I am so done with thinking it was better that the Nazis lost. I am so over it!
Look how big parts London and Paris look now. And its still growing!
If the Nazis would have conquered it. Europe would be safe now and the European people would be safe.

But this? This is madness!
And just a few days ago a German Cuck Police Paperman of some sorts said shit like " We must make it so that you have to give out your ID if you want to buy pepperspray! "
PEPPERSPRAY! The most commonly method of Europeans to defend theself!
Against the ever armed Muslims and Blacks of the Thirdworld!

But are the so called "Refugees" forced to hand out their ID's for their knifes, machetes and even GUNS?
Hah of course not!

This is so bad! This is soooooooooo bad!
Europe is getting too shit way too quickly.
Doomsday mood everywhere and people are too scared to rebell against the Media because they gave up hope!

Trump needs to come, conquer Europe and deport the illegals here as well!
I would give all my money to make it happen!!!



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