To koniec, BummerDrummer & Notorious Inkler #racist #sexist

(To koniec)
It's amazing how non western world is racist

Sadly westerners, europeans can't anymore racist even here ethnics laugh at muhh muhh cucked white nat soc while they keep alive their racial interests
I seen on /int/ one tunesian user going on rant how berbers are superior to europeans and turks and arabs too
Japs even don't pretend to not think that they are superior to chinks and koreans and probably whites too

sadly jews cut our balls only meds and slavs are still somewhat racist but still not enough


Do you mind translating that gibberish?

Don’t mind the polish schizophrenic

one day he says racism is bad and huwyt soupremacists are evil and BASED ETHNIC BROCELS should take over Europe, the next day he says this.

One of the many EEfags who’s brains have melted from the Soviet Union tainting the water of his ancestors

(Notorious Inkler)
These "people" are the European equivalent of spics:

-Low IQ
-they spend money on useless shit
-most of them work minimum wage jobs
-obnoxious in public spaces
-their women age like milk

At least spics don't get cucked as much as slavs.

Landlords in my neighborhood refuse non-german tenants.



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