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Most women support age of consent laws and most men in turn support age of consent laws because most women present the idea that, as adults, they 'know' that they would have regretted (or did regret) sex as a young girl. If women were going round saying that they would have loved to have sex with an older guy at 13,14 (as most men are honest enough to admit to about their boyhood regarding sex with older females) and that the age of consent should be lowered, do you really think men would have such hatred for male 'sex predators'? I have no idea what Jennifer Ficther thinks about sex between older men and teenage girls, but women in general have responsibility for spreading the lie that girls are harmed by such sexual relationships. (btw, women and 'feminists' are happy to persecute female 'paedophiles' because relatively few women are attracted to male teens, whereas nearly all men are attracted to female teens. In other words, the average woman does not find underage boys sexually tempting but she sure as does fear or feel jealousy at her boyfriend or husband lusting after an underage teen. Age of consent laws benefit women and harm men.



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