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Out Of Body Experience (THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND)

Jeremiah Kirby: Rod, I spoke to Christians around the world and we all agreed that time has already been sped up. Can't be long now. The wheat and the tare are separating themselves and those that have tried hiding behind a Bible are exposing their true nature. It's all happening RIGHT NOW!

Mushkari Radona: Be blessed son,the devil will be working overtime to discredit this message,but dont worry,God is your righteous and faithful witness.

Valencia Johnson: It's better to believe this testimony than not too. Think about it.... if you believe it, you win, and see it as God's grace (it's not costing you anything) BUT if you are wrong and he is right about what he saw..... it may be too late for you one day. Take this as God's grace. God is speaking to us and we need to get busy winning souls because time is running short now as we are in the last days. Lord Help Us to live according to your written and spoken Word, In Jesus Name.



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