Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans #transphobia

Dear Son,

It has been seven months since I last saw you. You looked then just like I had at your age, but with darker hair. Now, after more than half a year of wrong-sex-hormones, you have changed.

Your personality is more assertive, you look to take better care of your appearance. Is that because it is a lie? Because you can no longer look presentable without caring about it? You are brash and confident, like you are imitating your mother's powerful personality in a vain attempt to be more like her.

And you are like her. Looking at you now, after so long, I suddenly see it. I suddenly realize why this visit has been so uncanny. You no longer look like me, your brother, or any other man you know. You look just like your mother. You could be her daughter, but you are not. You will never be, though you have been deceived into believing you can be.

I will be waiting eagerly for you to return to us, in sanity, even though you reject your mother's and my attempts to bring you back.



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